MM Lit List Mid-2019 - Google Drive

Zavarzadeh, M. (1975). The Apocalyptic Fact and the Eclipse of Fiction in Recent American Prose Narratives. New Blackfriars.


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Albert Borgmann, in Cutcliffe


chapter “The Postmodern Economy”, which is about metamodernism and hypermodernism

Meta Modern Era by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – AmrutaShri Devi1995new age-yChapter 18: Metamodern Aliens in Postmodern JerusalemJusto L. Gonzalez1996Hispanic/ Latino Theology

Chapter 18: Metamodern Aliens in Postmodern Jerusalem

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Vermeulen and van den Akker

2010Luke Turner MM ManifestoLuke Turner2011

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Pederson2011Luke Butcher: MetamodernismLuke Butcher2012Galerie Tanja Wagner | Discussing Metamodernism, 2012Tanja Wagner2012

Eve, M. (2012). Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace and the problems of “metamodernism”: post-millennial post-postmodernism? C21 Literature.


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Succeeding Postmodernism: Language and Humanism in Contemporary American Literature. New York: Bloomsbury.

Holland, Mary K2013

The conclusion chapter is titled “Metamodernism” and deals with Holland’s unique perspective of it.

Abstract School

The Abs-Tract FilmBrent Cooper2014 The Return of History - Announcements - e-fluxVarious2014Is James Franco the New Shia LaBeouf?Jesse Damiani2014Brendan Dempsey2014Dumitrescu, A. (2014). Intimations_of_Metamodernism_Innocence_a, 1–17.Dumitrescu2014

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James & Seshagiri2014



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Panigyrakis & Zarkada2014 Sounds in Country Music - WikipediaSturgill Simpson2014

Childish Gambino and the Metamodern Ennui: Why Because the Internet Is the Most Significant Album in Recent Memory

Jesse Damiani2014

Towards a Metamodern Literature. (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation). University of Otago.

Dumitrescu, Alexandra2014Metamodernism 101 – Just Words – MediumSeth Abramson2015metamodernism | Hybrid FlaneurBill Psarras2015The Metamodernist Manifesto | HuffPostSeth Abramson2015Wtf is Metamodernism: 2 - YouTubeNicole Salamone2015Abramson, S. (2015). On Transcendent Metamodernism, 1–35.Seth Abramson2015

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Rudrum & Stavris2015



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Vermeulen & van den Akker

2015'Jose Chung’s The Bridge to the Metamodern - a documentaryProfessorBaylock2015 NEW FEELING: Metamodernism | LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner

LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner


“Cloaked in, Like, Fifteen Layers of Irony”: The Metamodernist Sensibiltiy of “Parks and Recreation.” Studies in Popular Culture, 37(2), 103-120.

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Komanda2016Metamodern therapy models

Reality Emotive Systems Theory

2016 Philosophy of SHIA LABEOUF – Wisecrack Edition

Wisecrack / Shia Labeouf

2016 to Metamodern Leadership 1James Surwillo2016 Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker: Notes on Metamodernism

Timotheus Vermeulen & Robin van den Akker

2016, A. (2019). What is Metamodernism and Why BotherDumitrescu2016Metamodernism and Social SciencesMarcin Komanda2016Metamodern SchematicsZachary Hyde2016Is Metamodernism the Answer to Postmodernism? – For a New LeftDan Fisher2017 Metamodernism - LessWrong 2.0G Gordon Worley III2017 metamodernism of design – Jordan Wayne LeeJordan Wayne Lee2017Lilja Tamminen2017

Notes towards a metamodernist aesthetic with reference to post-millennial literary works

J van der Merwe2017 BreakGiuseppe Dal Prá2017 Manifesto for Metamodernism - Google DocsHanzi Freinacht?2017

Grebenyuk & Nosovtsov

2017What Is Metamodernism? | HuffPostSeth Abramson2017On Metamodernism and the Listening SocietyJules Evans2017Metamodern Save America | Greg CarlockGreg Carlock2017a rant on metamodernism : sorceryofthespectacleu/gergo\_v2017Systemic-ConspiracyBrent Cooper2017

Meta-theory of war

Evolutionary GlobalizationBrent Cooper2017

meta-theory of history

Meta-MarxismBrent Cooper2017 Abstraction of Benjamin BrattonBrent Cooper2017

tying Bratton’s level of abstraction to MM

Beyond MetamodernismBrent Cooper2017 intro

Attard, J. (2017). Rediscovering Sapientia in an Age Riddled by Scientia, 1–119.


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Grebenyuk & Nosovtov2017

Leffel, G. (2017). The missiology of trouble: Liberal discontent and metamodern hope. Missiology: an International Review, 45(1), 38–55.


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2017van Tuinen, S. (2017). The_Cosmic_Artisan_Mannerist_Virtuosity, 1–15.ven Tuinen2017

Yousef, T. (2017, April 9). Modernism, Postmodernism, and Metamodernism: A Critique


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Zero, A. (2017). What is Metamodernism and Why Bother? Meditations on Metamodernism as a Period Term and as a Mode, 1–9.

Zero2017“The Metamodern Condition“ - Owls at Dawn, Episode 32

Austin Hayden Smidt & Troy Polidori w/ Seth Abramson


hosts are “two dudes from from Southern California who studied philosophy, politics, and religion…”

Rick and Morty: Character Archetypes & MetamodernismAmp Lab Media2017 wissen fühlen seinFlorian Kuhlmann2017The Nordic Secret: A European Story of Beauty and Freedom.

Andersen, Lene Rachel & Bjorkman, Tomas


Chapter 17 focuses substantially on metamodernism and metamodernity.

Metamodernism and YouNate Savery2017Hanzi Freinacht (Metamodernism ) [engl.] — Tom AmarqueDaniel Gortz2018

Tom is a conservative

1st Symposium Programme | AHRC MetamodernismVarious2018The Meta-ModernistUnknown2018[(357) Pre Modernism to Meta Modernism EXPLAINED - YouTube]( Religion: How Metamodernism is Bringing Back FaithSophia Belyk2018Markus Kolozsy2018

Mohd Ekram Al Hafis Bin Hashim, Mohd Farizal Bin Puadi

2018Cody Rooney2018A Very Brief History Of Metamodernism — Pendora MagazineSam Ha2018Sam Ha2018Sam Ha2018Metamodern Communication TheoryAhti Ahde2018 Is Millennial Humor So Weird? - YouTubeT Я U Σ Ð I L T O M2018

right-wing, fash-wave

Max Gorynski2018Zak Stein2018Metapolitical Practice | Dr. Zachary SteinZak Stein2018Be Careful “Going Meta”—Metapolitical Practice (II)Zak Stein2018Anthony VZ Morley 2018Tom Drayton2018Terry Patten2018Zak Stein2018Zak Stein2018Zak Stein2018Enlightening the Intellectual Dark WebBrent Cooper2018—4——5———————–

MM critique of anti-postmodern IDW

The Metamodern ConditionBrent Cooper2018—4——6———————–

review of the Dutch school

The World We‘re CreatingBrent Cooper2018—4——3———————–

review/ compliment of Bjorkman and philanthropy

On Metamodern LeadershipBrent Cooper2018

review of Surwillo

The Last Jedi and Late CapitalismBrent Cooper2018 Metamodern Mythology of The X-FilesBrent Cooper2018

Bentley, N. (2018). Trailing Postmodernism: David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, Zadie Smith’s NW, and the Metamodern. English Studies.

Bentley2018Brunton, J. (2018). Whose_Meta_modernism_Metamodernism_Race.Brunton2018Carmien, J. (2018). Opuscule 4: Vision of a Metamodern Society (pp. 1–44).Carmien2018unpublished

Drayton, T. (2018). The Listening Theatre: A Metamodern Politics of Performance. Performance Philosophy, 4(1), 170–187.


Eve, M. P. (2018, May 9). My critique of metamodernism. Retrieved January 26, 2019, from

Eve2018ârdan, D. (2018). Book_Review_Robin_van_den_Akker_Alison_G, 1–6.Gardan2018

Grantham, A. (2018). Metamodern man: Hero of authority, 1–9.


Kersten, D., & Wilbers, U. (2018). Introduction: Metamodernism. English Studies, 99(7), 719–722.

Kersten & Wilbers2018

Kouq. (2018). Metamodern man: Hero of authority, 1–9.


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Piro, J. S. (2018). Integral education within metamodernism. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 1–2.


Stein, Z. (2018). Love in a Time Between Worlds:On the Metamodern “Return” to a Metaphysics of, 1–62.

Stein2018Hanzi Freinacht - Towards a Metamodern Politics (pt. 1)Hanzi Freinacht2018 Freinacht - The Six Metamodern Political Strategies (pt. 2)Hanzi Freinacht2018 Harrington - The Praxis of Metamodern Political ChangeRonan Harrington2018 Bierling - Metamodern Politics + HolochainMoritz Bierling2018

Moritz is a bit of a troll, anti-progressive politics

Indra Adnan - Catalyzing a Networked Politics with The Alternative UKIndra Adnan2018 Values Explained \| Dr. Daniel P. Görtz | TEDxTUBerlinDaniel Gortz2018 Burnham’s Metamodern Magnum Opus - Eighth Grade AnalysisNapkins Unite2018 Leadership and morning routinesZoe Routh2018 Erasmus @ IFFR - Metamodernism explained by movies and television

Erasmus University Rotterdam


How to use personal, inner development to build strong democracies | Tomas Björkman | TEDxBerlin

Tomas Bjorkman2018, Postmodernism, and… Metamodernism?

Breht Ó Séaghdha, interviewing Austin Hayden Smidt

2018 Squared #158: Metamodernism

Luke Turner & Doug Lain

2018 The Manifesto of MetamodernismMaria Engström2018 Narratives, Metamodernism, and Global EthicsAndrew Corsa2018 of The Listening SocietyPeter Munthe-Kaas2018 you made up your mind about Jordan Peterson?Ronan Harrington2018

The Big Bad and the Big Aha! Metamodern Monsters as Transformational Figures of Instablity.” In Holy Monsters, Sacred Grotesquests: Monstrosity and Religion in Europe and the U.S., Lexington Books, 2018.

Ceriello, Linda C2018

Toward a Metamodern Reading of Spiritual but Not Religious Mysiticisms. In Being Spiritual but Not Religious: Past, PResent, Future(s). Routledge Press.

Ceriello, Linda C2018

Metamodern Mysticisms: Narative Encounters with Contemporary Western Secular Spiritualities. (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation). Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Ceriello, Linda C2018After Postmodernism: Eleven Metamodern Methods in the ArtsGreg Dember2018

The Right to a Narrative: Metamodernism, Paranormal Horror, and Agency in The Cabin in the Woods

Greg Dember & Linda Ceriello


MA Dissertation

Metamodern Values for a Listening Society — Circular Conversations

Emanuele B. Di Francesco

2019Marcos Torres2019Epiphanie Couture2019Sentiers 2019Fulgar2019Metamodernity | Nordic BildungLene Andersen2019*forthcomingDaniel Gortz2019

White nationalist podcast; Daniel didn’t know.

Leadership Styles, Women LeadershipKhalilah R. Lauderdale2019Apollo Springs EternalGiuseppe Dal Prá2019 | Metamodern Arts FestivalVarious2019Atheism Proper: Metamodernism and AtheismR.C. Roberts 2019Metamodern Stipulation – Denys R. Bakirov – MediumDenys R. Bakirov2019Studium Generale | Are you Metamodern?Emil Ejner Friis2019Podium #14 - Dr Daniel Görtz - MetamodernismDaniel Görtz2019Missing Metamodernism – The Abs-Tract Organization – MediumBrent Cooper2019

injunction to the discourse

Borgmannian Metamodernism – The Abs-Tract Organization – MediumBrent Cooper2019

technology, community

Gonzalezean Metamodernism Brent Cooper2019

liberation theology, social justice

Black MetamodernismBrent Cooper2019

social justice, afro-futurism, race

Badami, N. (2019). Solarpunking Speculative Futures, 1–4.Badami2019

Couture, E. (2019). Memes and Metamodernism: An Analysis of a Medium, 1–24.


Drayton, T. (2019). A Silent Shout: Metamodern Forms of Activism in Contemporary Performance, 1–16.

Drayton2019Freinacht, H. (2019). Nordic Ideology (pp. 1–469).Hanzi Freinacht2019

Zak Stein - The Meta-Crisis is a Human Development Crisis: Education in a Time Between Worlds

Zak Stein2019 Surwillo - Metamodern LeadershipJames Surwillo2019 Surwillo - Metamodern Leadership and Millennial HeroicsJames Surwillo2019 Metamodernism is the Philosophy of the Alt-RightKeith Woods2019

Speaker is eco-fascist far-left “national socialist”. Admitted he didn’t know what he was talking about. Was his first video. Based off second hand information.

SAHCON Panel: Homestuck and Metamodernismlet’s talk about stuff.2019 ChoiceAlexander Lee2019Informational RealismAlexander Lee2019GOD: DEATH (THE ICON)Brendan Dempsey2019A metamodernist narrative of genetic engineeringSyed Hussain Ather2019Intro To My Series On “Creating the Future”: A Short Story About The FutureJad el Jamous2019Emotional RealismAlexander Lee2019Meta Something? The Theory Of EmanismGermane Marvel2019Meta Nothing? The Theory Of EmanismGermane Marvel2019edenismOliver Noster2019 MeditationGARY RONDEAU2019An introduction to metamodernism: the cultural philosophy of the digital ageAnne-Laure Le Cunff2019 Initial Reactions to Metamodernism

Pierce Salguero / Metadisciplinarity


Innovation ecosystems in banking and monetary sector: competitiveness versus sustainability

Kubus et al2019


Gorodischeva and Fomina

2019what is METAMODERNISM?

Sarah Ben-m’rad @sarahissickas

2019Integral, Metamodernism, + the IDW, Part 1Brent Cooper2019Integral, Metamodernism, + the IDW, Part 2Brent Cooper2019Christine Wamsler2020Towards a Metamodern SpiritualityJulyan Davey2020Jim Rutt Show: EP36 Hanzi Freinacht on MetamodernismHanzi Freinacht2020Hierarchical DevelopmentJen Sendall?

Mind Map of Hanzi’s MM

Convicts’ Guide to Metamodernism – ConvictsUnknown?Popular Metamodernism Books | GoodreadsVarious?Various?The Power of Nostalgia — Lateral ViewUnknown?Metamodernism - Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica

?hate siteJames Surwillo – Leadership, Ancient Wisdom, and the Metamodern WorldJames Surwillo?Metamodernism | The Daily OmnivoreUnknown?Google Translate - Metamodernism and SyncreticsUnknown?Russian siteThe Math of Metamodern OscillationAhti Ahde?Unknown?The Metamodernist – Art, culture and think pieces for metamodernists.various?Tim Saunders?Alexandra Balm ~ Landscapes and sentimentsAlexandra Dumitrescu?Alexandra Balm - Exploring metamodernism ~ the new paradigmAlexandra Dumitrescu?MetamodernismWikipedia? Group: Scientific MetamodernismHanzi Freinacht? Group: Metamodernists & Co.Jedediah Walls? Metamodernism Research NetworkVarious?

Beyond Postmodernism. Putting a Face on Metamodernism Without the Easy Clichés

Stephen Knudson? and Because the InternetCamden Ostrander?


Metamodern Research Method??Dutch SchoolNotes on MetamodernismVarious2010 -Notes on MetamodernismMetamodernism’ in Hauntology | Scoop.itSean Albiez2012-2014What Is Metamodern?

Greg Dember & Linda Ceriello

2013- K. Eric Drexler — MetamodernEric Drexler2013-La Beouf, Ronkko, Turner

La Beouf, Ronkko, Turner

2014-http://labeoufronkkoturner.comWhat is metamodernism? on Vimeo

Vermeulen and van den Akker

2014-Nordic SchoolMetamodernaHanzi Freinacht2015-

Abstract School

The Abs-Tract OrganizationBrent Cooper2017- Introduction to Metamodernism – The MetamodernistPhilip Damico2017- Giamarelos2012Confessions of a Metamodernist Christian“Metamodern Faith“2013Metamodern methods in stsMartin Perez Comisso2018

WOLE SOYINKA Metamodernism and Liminality A Scourge of Hyacinths and From Zia with Love

Dr. Kemi Atanda Ilori2017